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Why have I received an email relating to outstanding notifications?
Last Updated 8 years ago

You or others in your organisation have provided a service on PharmOutcomes/Outcomes4Health that generates a notification which needs to be sent to a GP practice. 
(examples of services that generate a notification are; the national flu service or NHS healthcheck service).

If we have been supplied with a secure email address by the practice the generated notification will have sent automatically on your behalf, unfortunately not every practice has provided us with a secure email address.    

If the GP practice you have selected does not have a verified secure email address you will need to manually print the notification and send manually to the practice by hand, post or a safe haven fax (If the practice has provided you with the facility to do so). 

When selecting a GP practice which does not have a secure email address you will be warned of this a prompt will appear upon selection and then again when the provision is saved. 

Whilst you may have already sent these notifications manually you also have to confirm with the system that you have done so.
This is what the email you have received is prompting you to do.  

How to remove this prompt

The provisions affected are linked in the YELLOW banner message on your services tab of PharmOutcomes.
(please see image below).


In order to stop this prompt you will need to complete the following steps below: 

- Login to PharmOutcomes and select the "Services tab"
- Once the services page has loaded you will see at the top of the screen a yellow banner (image above).
- Selecting one of the "linked" dates will take you to a provision which requires you to confirm that you have sent a notification manually.
- Once the provision has loaded, on the left hand side of the screen under the GP notification link will be an orange button that you have to click to confirm that you have sent the notification manually.
- Press this button to remove the notification (provided you have sent manually, if not first print the notification and send )

- Only select the "Sent Manually" button if you are sure that you have printed it and sent manually. 

- There is no need to save after you have done this. 

- Once done reload the "Services Tab" and repeat these steps for each date in the yellow banner. 
- when all of the date links have been removed the prompt will disapear and you will no longer receive a prompt to action this. 

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