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Enrolment Criteria
Last Updated 8 years ago

Enrolment is an optional feature that can be set up within a service by the commissioner. The purpose of this is to lay out a number of criteria that the practitioner of a particular service must answer to show whether or not they have completed these and as such, able to be fully enrolled to provide the service.

In order to enrol yourself to a service, you will first need to enter the service. You will then see the following:


You will need to enter your name in the ‘Practitioner Name’ field. If you have never enrolled to that particular service before, or if the enrolments have been reset, then your name will not appear and you will have to select ‘New Practitioner’ in the dropdown box. If you have enrolled previously, then select your name.

If you have selected ‘New Practitioner’ the following should appear:


In order to proceed you will need to select the ‘Enrol Me’ button. If you have enrolled before and have not finished all the requirements and simply need to update them in order to complete your enrolment then, the above picture should have your name and a button that says ‘Edit Details’ and this will also need to be selected.

The next page named ‘Enrolment Criteria’ will be unique for each service and the commissioning area that has set the enrolment up. All that needs to be done now is for the questions to be answered as appropriate and click the ‘Enrol’ button on the bottom right.

If you have answered everything correctly, you will be enrolled to the service and will simply need to type in your name in order to access the service. If you have not been able to answer everything then you will not be able to complete your enrolment, but you will be able to edit these details at a later date in order to update this information. If a commissioner has added a grace period then you will be able to access the service for that period of time (e.g. two months) without having completed enrolment, but after this time is up, the only way access the service form, is to have fully enrolled.

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